Why Pantone selected classic blue as colour of the year 2020

Despite rumours that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 was heading for plaster pink or bright red, the final choice landed on number 19-4052 – Classic Blue. Replacing last year’s Living Coral, universal favourite Classic Blue was chosen as, according to Pantone, it “brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit, offering refuge.”

And although it was announced in December 2019, this year’s pandemic has shown it to be a prescient choice. Who among us aren’t looking for some peach and tranquillity in these difficult times?


Why Classic Blue is the best choice for Colour of the Year 2020


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Image credit: LuxDeco


Classic Blue can work in any type of home décor, and across any design aesthetic. It’s a genderless and enduring colour, which manages to combine a feeling of tradition and a contemporary vibe. It’s also the first multi-sensory colour hosen by Pantone, that they say is more than just a colour. According to Pantene, Classic Blue is also a taste, a feeling and a smell.

And if you’re wondering how Pantone decides the colour of the year, it’s far more about predicting the social climate than anything else. The decision panel comprises artists, architects, journalists, designers and other style experts. Together they select a colour that represents the zeitgeist of the year ahead, and how the colour can encompass a collective mood. Below are the last few years reflected in Pantene’s Colours of the Year:

  • 2017: Greenery, chosen according to Pantene to “provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment.”
  • 2018: Ultra Violet, which aimed to bring out feelings of imagination and creativity in a world constantly on edge.
  • 2019: Living Coral promised to energise and lift people out of a technology flooded world. Its intentions were to encourage people to contemplate warmth, connection and human interaction.
  • 2020: Classic Blue for a sense of tranquillity and peace.


How to transform your home with Classic Blue


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Image Credit: Helen Green Design


The beauty of Classic Blue is that it can be used throughout your home to foster this sense of peace and calm. It’s not a shocking, difficult colour. It’s there to give a timeless feeling of relief and calm. Here’s how you could use it in your home:

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Image credit: LuxDeco


  • In the home office – fostering a sense of calmness isn’t just for sleeping or relaxing. Blues like this are also linked to clarity of thought. Use it to wallpaper your study to boost you while you work from home. Or add a desk chair upholstered with Classic Blue for the pop of colour in this important space.
  • In the living room – Classic Blue helps to keep people communicating too. Its boundless energy can help us to think differently and encourage us to look at things from different perspectives. You could really go for it and cover your walls in Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue with wallpaper or paint or scatter accented touches with Classic Blue accessories.
  • In the bedroom – the calmness of Classic Blue makes it ideal to use in the room where it’s most important that you relax. Use draped textiles to add pops of blue to your décor or create a sleep-inducing sanctuary with an accent wall.

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