Jon Sharpe - luxury minimalist interior

Want to create a luxury minimalist interior? Here’s how…

There is much to be said for one of the biggest interior trends of 2020 – luxury minimalism (luxury minimalist interior). It’s about conscious choices to create a ‘less is more’ ambience. You want understatement, tranquility and peace. It’s what luxury interior designer Alix Lawson calls ‘conscious minimalism’. But how do you achieve it?


How do you manifest a luxury minimalist interior vibe?


Minimalist living is about taking a holistic approach to our surroundings. Be completely aware of the choices you have, and only go with those that truly nurture your soul. Simply eliminate those that don’t.

At its core, minimalism is about digging through the unnecessary and paring down our interiors until what’s left exudes a sense of peace. It’s about getting rid of anything that weighs us down and gets in the way of truly enjoying our space. And luxury minimalism is all about quality not quantity.

A luxury minimalist interior and lifestyle is not an anti-consumerist stance. We’re not talking about frugality or denial, rather investing in the future by only buying a few high-quality items that will truly enhance your environment.


Why would you choose luxury minimalism for your interiors?


In the complex world of 2020 where we’re dealing with all kinds of challenges we’ve never faced before, there’s an argument for minimalism. We know that interiors matter. Our studio philosophy at LuxDeco is that interiors influence how we live and how we feel, even if we don’t realise it.

And in a world full of noise, streamlining your space will help to keep your mind clear, allowing you to focus on what really matters in your life.

A clean interior at home has much the same effect as a clean workspace does in the office. It allows concentration and clarity of thought with a higher sense of focus. The ensuing productivity boosts satisfaction levels, which leads to a happier and calmer mindset.

Investing in a few beautiful, meaningful, high-quality items will make you happier. By taking the time to really understand what appeals to your senses, you will enhance the quality of your life by enhancing your surroundings.


6 steps towards a luxury minimalist interior


  1. Work out your priorities

If you’re starting from scratch and need to declutter before choosing your luxury items, it’s time to make some decisions. Decide on your personal priorities. How much do you want to minimalise your interiors? What truly makes you happy? What do you want to achieve by taking a luxury minimalist approach?

  1. Set your interior design goals

When you have your priorities, form them into interior design goals. Do you just want to transform your home with conscious minimalism, or do you want to expand it into the rest of your life? How can you feasibly reach these goals?

  1. Donate, sell or throw away things you don’t need

Make an inventory of your interiors. Now it’s time to take the Marie Kondo approach and let go of everything that doesn’t bring you joy. For many people, this is a very challenging part of the journey towards luxury minimalism. Letting go of things is difficult, which is why points one and two are so important. Having a plan and goals in place helps to remind you why you’re doing this. Go through each piece and ask yourself whether it makes you happy. If you need to let it go, decide whether to sell it or trash it.

  1. Curate your physical possessions

When you’ve minimised your interior design possessions, it’s time to curate the collection that remains. Study the pieces you’ve kept, because these are what you truly value. Arrange them in different ways and find the most pleasing configuration for your interior. You may find you need to keep curating and whittling down your possessions until you reach the sweet spot you’re looking for.

  1. Take what you’ve learned and be selective

This process will help hone your ideas on minimalism and what will help your peace of mind. Luxury minimalism is about selecting quality pieces that will last for a long time and continue to enhance your living space. When deciding on home décor, take this time to sit with your feelings and discover the balance that works for you.

  1. Invest only in a few high quality items

Simplicity can reflect luxury. Choose pieces that offer an antidote to the complexity of life outside your home. Against a blank canvas and specific lighting, a few carefully selected luxury items will create a harmonious whole that allows consciousness to expand and peace to enter.